NordVPN Review 2024 - Still the Best VPN for Value?

based on the feedback from VPN users, NordVPN is one of the best VPNs on the market in 2024 due to its fast speed, excellent online security features, and ability to stream and torrent content effectively the importance of acknowledging or overlooking. According to users' feedback, web browsing tools are definitely a product that you should pay attention to.

To begin with, NordVPN provides a unique NordLynx tunneling protocol that ensures fast connection speeds. They also have strong encryption and a no-logs policy that has been independently audited, ensuring complete anonymity. Their user-friendly applications are filled with distinctive features, including the free Meshnet option, making NordVPN a great choice for both beginners and advanced users.

Nevertheless, certain issues may arise with NordVPN. One such concern is the occurrence of bothersome errors following software updates, which can cause users to question its reliability. However, this review of NordVPN will delve further into these matters. How effective is this VPN for people who are new to it and those who are experienced users alike? Is NordVPN secure? How well does it work for streaming and torrenting? What is the price of NordVPN?

the previous observations provided only offer a small insight into the extensive investigation conducted by our Cybernews experts in their thorough review of NordVPN. Our evaluation involved practical experiments to evaluate the capabilities of NordVPN, which were based on our vast knowledge and experience in this field. It is important to note that NordVPN is regarded as one of the leading VPN services, but it is crucial to comprehend that there are additional factors to consider. It may not be appropriate for all individuals in the upcoming segments, but we will assist you in figuring out if NordVPN is the most suitable option for you.

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 ⭐ Rating:  4.9   ★   ★   ★   ★   ★ 
 πŸ₯‡ Overall rank: #1 out of #42
 πŸ“– No logs policy: No logs
 πŸ’΅ Price: From $3.39/month
 πŸ–₯️ Servers: 6,000 + servers in 61 countries
 πŸ–₯️ Streaming services: Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Disney Plus, and several others.
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NordVPN pros and cons

Things we like

  • RAM-only server infrastructure
  • The fastest VPN we tested
  • Eliminates ISP bandwidth throttling
  • Meshnet feature for remote device access
  • Intuitive apps for most devices
  • Robust security elements that have been reviewed and verified by external professionals.
  • Allows access to streaming websites that are restricted by geographical location
  • Safe for torrenting
  • Speedy 24/7 customer support
  • Affordable price
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 7-day free trial

Things we don't like

  • Linux client has no graphic interface
  • No unlimited free plan
  • Limited simultaneous connections

Go to NordVPN's website to discover more information about the features.

Is NordVPN safe?

NordVPN is one of the safest VPN providers NordVPN provides top-notch encryption and secure tunneling protocols to guarantee the safety of your data. All of NordVPN's servers utilize RAM, which offers added security. RAM servers are particularly advantageous for VPNs because all data is erased whenever the server restarts, preventing any possibility of theft. Many of NordVPN's servers utilize this technology.

NordVPN's privacy policy has been subject to an independent audit, further emphasizing its credibility. In summary, When considering both the legal and technical aspects, NordVPN appears to be very secure.

Secure yourself with NordVPN


Once you have set up your account and installed the client, you will be able to connect to any server within NordVPN's network. By doing so, your internet traffic will be encrypted, ensuring that it cannot be accessed or understood by any external parties. NordVPN utilizes this security measure to protect your online activities.AES-256-CBC cipher Currently, it remains the best option in the VPN industry. Additionally, NordLynx employs the advanced ChaCha20 protocol, ensuring enhanced levels of privacy and security.

You will receive server access by using the SHA-512 hash function It converts your login information into a series of 512 numbers in binary form, which appear as random data to anyone without access. These numbers are then compared to the encoded data stored on the company's servers from when you first registered, and if they are the same – you are granted access.

The hash used by NordVPN goes beyond the usual standard in the VPN market. While numerous VPN providers utilize SHA-256, NordVPN has taken things to the next level with the SHA-512 function. This enhanced security measure offers greater safety for its users and presents a much tougher challenge for anyone attempting unauthorized access.

Tunneling protocols

The data between your device and the VPN server is transferred through tunneling protocols, which are supported by NordVPN in three major choices.

 Protocol  Best for 
OpenVPNVersatile, all-around security
IKEv2/IPsecMobile devices, cellular/Wi-FI data
NordLynxBest option overall

This is what they are, and when should you choose to use them:

 OpenVPN (UDP/TCP) This VPN protocol is open-source and widely used by major VPN providers. It provides a high level of security and is compatible with multiple platforms. With NordVPN, you have the flexibility to select your preferred option - a safer option (TCP) or a faster option (UDP). Accessible on every NordVPN application.

 IKEv2/IPsec This application is recommended for use on mobile devices. It requires less processing power and is especially great at reestablishing a connection, making it perfect for a smooth transition between wifi and cellular data. Can be accessed on iOS, Windows, Linux, and macOS.

WireGuard (NordLynx) This is NordVPN's unique version of advanced WireGuard VPN technology, which offers improved features for speed and security compared to older protocols. It is accessible on all NordVPN platforms.

Please be cautious of DNS leaks when manually setting up a VPN connection on Windows. This issue was encountered and assessed during the testing process. DNS addresses were inadvertently exposed during an IKEv2 connection on Windows. This issue was resolved by making NordVPN's DNS addresses the default on my Ethernet and IKEv2 adapters, rather than using Cloudflare's. Therefore, if you choose to manually set up your connection, ensure that you use NordVPN's own DNS servers to avoid any problems.


NordVPN is located in Panama, a country that values privacy. If a government requests access to your usage records, they would need to approach a court in Panama. Because Panama does not have any regulations requiring data retention, NordVPN is not required to store any data belonging to its customers. foreign country. It's important to choose a VPN service provider in your own country for several reasons. Five Eyes country, or an otherwise invasive country.

Moreover, as stated in NordVPN's privacy policy, if the company was served with a legal warrant or if one of its servers was seized, there would be no records of user activity stored on the server. This is clearly mentioned in their privacy policy.

NordVPN Services promise a strong commitment to privacy by ensuring that your online activities are not tracked, documented, stored, or shared with anyone else.

comply with the new regulations. retract its functioning servers from the national action showcased NordVPN's dedication to protecting user privacy and its readiness to back up its claims with action.

opt-out of sharing any data by adjusting your privacy settings within the app. You have the option to withdraw from the use of anonymous app data at any given moment. receiving feedback from their customer, although it is not a significant issue.

Security and privacy audits

If you had been reading the section prior and had the notion, "Although it sounds good, I still need reassurance that these promises hold value."NordVPN brought in a third-party agency, PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers), to conduct an examination.

To provide a point of reference, it is notable that PwC held the fifth position on Forbes' list of America's Largest Private Companies last year, and it is also recognized as one of the prominent Big Four accounting firms.NordVPN's no logs policy underwent two audits. In both 2018 and 2020, they reached the same conclusion, affirming the legitimacy of their privacy assertions.

To better understand the situation, the occurrence of experiencing a portion of the servers of NordVPN has been infiltrated. The findings in 2018 revealed that the server in question did not hold any logs of user activity. To avoid any similar occurrences, NordVPN takes measures such as encrypting the hard drive of every new server they create.

NordVPN also put themselves through app security audits information technology consulting firm VerSprite conducted multiple penetration tests on their applications and infrastructure in 2019. You have the opportunity to become acquainted with this information. full NordVPN report here All of the bugs that were found were fixed before the publication of the report.

continuously working on enhancing their service. offering bug bounties NordVPN, a cybersecurity products vendor, is ensuring transparency by taking necessary measures for testers who successfully identify bugs on their HackerOne page.

ioXt certification

offer a wide range of features and benefits to its users. It provides secure and private internet browsing, allowing users to access websites and content from anywhere in the world. NordVPN also offers a high level of encryption to protect user data and ensure their online activities remain anonymous. Additionally, it offers fast and reliable connection speeds, making it a suitable choice for streaming and torrenting. With its user-friendly interface and customer support, NordVPN stands out as a trustworthy and dependable option for internet users. Mobile apps that have been certified by most. This serves as proof that they adhere to stringent security regulations. Additionally, meeting the requirements to apply involves thorough testing of the service's privacy policy and app security, which should not be overlooked.

Here are the key findings:

nordvpn ioxt certification

NordVPN received the highest scores in all categories. , including the highest The vulnerability reporting program has a rating of level 4, indicating it is the highest level. . Not only does it accept external submissions paragraphs paraphrased in English: But in addition to its public research rewards program, the company also excels in password management with a level 4 ranking. It's important to note that authentication is not the sole requirement; sensitive transactions through app APIs also involve the need for re-authentication. To gain more detailed information, you have the option to access the complete text. certification report here.

Up until now, this certification was limited to IoT devices, but it has recently been extended to VPN apps. This shift implies that only a select few VPN services can now pride themselves on possessing it. Naturally, NordVPN is among the frontrunners, along with other prominent players in the industry.

Be safe with NordVPN

How much does NordVPN cost?

NordVPN has simple pricing structures and uncomplicated plan choices. There are just three main plans available. the options available are the Standard, the Plus, and the Complete. The price of NordVPN is determined by the length of the subscription you select. You can choose between 1-month, 1-year, and 2-year options.

The ideal choice is to purchase the Complete plan which offers a collection of Nord products. This package includes a reliable VPN, a manager for passwords, and protected cloud storage, ensuring utmost security for all your information and tasks.

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Also, keep in mind that the more extensive the plan, the greater the savings an illustration, consider the amount you would spend on a 13-month subscription.

  •  The Standard: The cost for the 1-year plan is $4.99 per month, while the 1-month plan is priced at $12.99 per month.
  •  The Plus: The cost for a one-year plan is $5.99 per month, while the one-month plan costs $13.99.
  •  The Complete: The cost of the one-year plan is $7.99 per month while the one-month plan is priced at $15.99.

Therefore, if you are looking for top-notch value in terms of features and price, NordVPN highly recommends choosing their option. The optimal option would be to select the Complete plan with a 2-year subscription... The cost is $6.39 per month, which offers a better price compared to the 1-year option. If you want the most affordable deal, select the Standard option. 2-year  plan for just  $3.39/monthNo matter which yearly subscription you decide on, they guarantee the most affordable prices for NordVPN, ensuring that you get great value for your money.

Below is a breakdown of the costs and advantages associated with each NordVPN plan when you opt for a 2-year subscription.

VPN with 6 simultaneous connections

Malware protection

Tracker and ad blocker

Cross-platform password manager
Data breach scanner
1 TB of encrypted cloud storage
 NordVPN cost  $6.39/month  $4.39/month  $3.39/month 

Get the best NordVPN deal

The monthly plans offered by NordVPN are the most expensive. You have the option to obtain the Complete package for $15.99 per month.

There are several payment options available. The typical ones can be found. Credit cards, AmazonPay, Sofort, PayPal, and ACH transfer are various payment methods available for use. , and even prepaid cards There is also the possibility of making a payment using. Apple Pay,  or Google Pay if you find that more suitable. For those who are concerned about their privacy to the highest degree, there are also alternatives available to purchase using cryptocurrencies and even from. retail stores

NordVPN's pricing is quite affordable for longer subscription plans. When you take into account the variety of features and perks included in the subscription, the price feels like a great deal.

  • Additionally, there are a few outstanding alternatives to obtaining this VPN at a more affordable price. We have a blog post that discusses these options. NordVPN coupons This has the potential to further decrease the price.

Can you get NordVPN for free?

Yes, it is possible to obtain NordVPN without paying for it. free 7-day trial This technique allows you to easily utilize NordVPN on any device of your choosing.

For this to be successful, you will be required to install NordVPN on your Android device. It is also crucial to have an account for this. You should not already have any NordVPN accounts registered.

be able to start using it right away. start your complimentary trial for 7 days without charge. Later on, you have the option to utilize NordVPN on additional gadgets as well. All you need to do is download the application and sign in using your existing login details.

NordVPN free trial on Android devices

However, despite having downloaded the VPN on your mobile device, you can still utilize the same login information on all of your other devices.

grace period after the trial ends before the regular plan begins. 30-day money-back guarantee, you have 30 days to request a refund. Overall, this allows you to receive your money back within a month. 37 days of free NordVPN There is a sufficient amount of time to try something out.

The safety level of Free NordVPN is equivalent to that of its regular version. In addition, it employs strong encryption with high-quality tunneling protocols. Furthermore, you have the freedom to connect to any server of your choice, similar to the functionality provided in the paid version.

Speed and performance: Is NordVPN fast?

NordVPN stands out as a high-speed option among the various VPNs available in the market. Particularly when utilizing NordVPN's own NordLynx protocol, users can experience the benefits of speed and security as it is an enhanced version of the renowned WireGuard protocol.

 Data period:   01.01 - 01.15 

 US (N
Uploading: 3571 of 3571 bytes uploaded.

 53%   (510 Mbit/s)  46 %   (446 Mbit/s) 
United Kingdom
 United Kingdom 
 44%   (430 Mbit/s)  42 %   (401 Mbit/s) 
 98%   (938 Mbit/s)  89 %   (853 Mbit/s) 
 62%   (594 Mbit/s)  56 %   (541 Mbit/s) 
 89%   (849 Mbit/s)  75 %   (720 Mbit/s) 

The speed for downloading and uploading data is 1000 Mbit/ Users can access real-time information about VPN service providers on our website. VPN speed test tool

While NordVPN performs exceptionally well in terms of speed, other VPNs are also quite fast, according to our testing. For example, Surfshark comes in as the second fastest provider with an average speed retention rate of 86%, whereas NordVPN maintains a steady 90% retention rate.

The outstanding speeds of NordVPN can probably be attributed to the implementation of their NordLynx technology, along with their exceptional server infrastructure and extensive network of servers across the globe.

NordVPN performance with other protocols

Certainly, NordVPN provides various features besides its exclusive NordLynx protocol. Consequently, the speed of NordVPN varies depending on the tunneling protocol you select.

bit faster in terms of speed, but it may result in a less stable connection. The tradeoff here is between the need for a consistent and uninterrupted streaming experience versus a slightly faster connection. It is worth noting that these performance results are fairly common and should be expected with OpenVPN. much faster option The speed reduction varies depending on where you are, ranging from a 3% decrease in the UK to an 87% decrease in Japan.

Exclusive to NordLynx and OpenVPN (UDP), are the privileges of. reductions as low as 13% If you are located far away, both IKEv2 and OpenVPN (TCP) will have a slower upload speed. This is important to consider if you need to upload large files.

All NordVPN apps no longer support IKEv2 tunneling protocols.

In general, this is how the different protocols of NordVPN compare to each other.

ProtocolSpeedSecurityConnection stability
NordLynxHighest πŸ†HighMedium
OpenVPN (TCP)LowHighHigh
OpenVPN (UDP)HighHighMedium

However, there is more to it - by comparing NordVPN's performance to that of other well-known VPN providers, you can fully grasp the impressive speed of NordVPN. Therefore, let's assess how it measures up against its rivals.

ProviderAverage download speed
NordVPN83% πŸ†


New NordVPN winner logo
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What all this data tells us is that NordVPN is undeniably a fairly quick virtual private network. If you are selecting a place that is not too distant, You will hardly realize that you are using a VPN. If the place is far, there may be decreased speed, and this issue can sometimes be resolved by changing tunneling protocols.NordLynx proves to be the most efficient option in terms of speed. In other words, the service offers all the necessary tools to guarantee fast loading times for web pages and smooth video playback without buffering.

NordVPN compared to other VPNs

At present, the market for VPN services is filled with numerous high-quality options. As a result, it is becoming increasingly challenging to determine which one is the most suitable for you. To simplify the process and provide an idea of NordVPN's performance, we have made efforts to assess it thoroughly. and compared it with the highest-ranked 5 VPNs :

BrandSurfsharkVPN comparison table logo NEWExpressVPNCyberghost VPN
Rating 4.9   ★   ★   ★   ★   ★  4.7   ★   ★   ★   ★   ★  4.5   ★   ★   ★   ★   ★  4.3   ★   ★   ★   ★   ☆  4.2   ★   ★   ★   ★   ☆ 
Price (lowest price per month)$3.39/month$1.99/month$2.99/month$6.67/month$2.03/month
Free versionYes, 7-dayYes, 7-dayNoYes, 7-day for mobile devicesOn a desktop, you have access for one day, on Android for three days, and on iOS for seven days.
Servers6000+ servers in 61 countries3200+ servers in 100 countries2200+ servers in 52 countries3000+ servers in 105 countries11500+ servers in 100 countries
The speed in Megabits per second (according to our internal speed tests)245 Mbit/s242 Mbit/s156 Mbit/s138Mbit/s96Mbit/s
Unblocked streaming servicesServices such as Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and Disney+ are among the few examples available.Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and various other streaming servicesSome popular streaming services include Netflix, BBC iPlayer, YouTube, Disney+, and others.Some streaming services include Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, and many others.Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Disney+
Tracker and ad blockerYesYesNoNoYes
LoggingPwC has conducted two separate audits on the logs to ensure their accuracy.Cure 53 has conducted an independent audit, confirming that there are no records available.There are no recorded events, which have been verified by an external body called Leviathan.No logs, independently audited by Cure53Deloitte has conducted an independent audit of the absence of any logs.
Devices per account6UnlimitedUnlimited87

If you want to know how NordVPN compares to other VPNs, have a look at a few of our comparisons :

How does NordVPN work?

access and connect to various servers located around the world, giving you the ability to browse the internet anonymously and securely. When you use NordVPN, your IP address is concealed, making it difficult for anyone to monitor your online actions, including your internet service provider, government agencies, or other external entities. Additionally, the Connect button allows you to conveniently choose from a range of global servers, ensuring a safe and private browsing experience.NordVPN demonstrated great performance in our tests by effectively unblocking geo-restricted content. It allows you to freely access your preferred streaming libraries and offers various additional benefits.

A variety of tasks are performed by NordVPN, which includes implementing robust encryption, providing the top tunneling protocol, and ensuring secure data transfer. All these features can conveniently be accessed in one location within the Preferences section, demonstrating the effectiveness of the service. consumer-focused VPN service This suggests that the VPN application is designed to alleviate any technical difficulties for you, allowing you to be safeguarded with just a few simple actions.

consistent across different platforms. You can use this VPN on different devices such as desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and streaming sticks. Furthermore, the setup process and overall user experience are the same regardless of the platform you choose. The paragraph can be paraphrased as follows: "Uniform and easy to use on any gadget.". Here are step-by-step instructions on how to download and utilize NordVPN.

How to use NordVPN?

NordVPN offers One of the most user-friendly VPN applications. never seen anything like it before. It only takes a few minutes to set up, and the app is perfect for both beginners and advanced users. Plus, if you encounter any problems, there is always assistance available. customer assistance is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to begin using NordVPN, please follow the instructions provided below:

NordVPN interface connected to a server
  1. After the installation is done,  log in  to your NordVPN account
  2. Head to the  Settings  section
  3. Ensure the  NordLynx  tunneling protocol and the  kill switch  feature are  enabled 
  4. Navigate back to the  main page 
  5.  Choose the country  you prefer and  connect to the server 

Join NordVPN

Is NordVPN capable of bypassing Netflix and other streaming platforms' restrictions?

performance and speed are reliable, allowing users to stream content without interruptions or buffering. However, it is important to select the appropriate servers to access the desired streaming platforms. NordVPN proves to be a steady and dependable option for streaming purposes. SmartPlay technology The role of NordVPN is significant in this context - we have successfully accessed every video platform we have encountered. Let me provide you with a brief overview of our experience in bypassing restrictions on streaming services using NordVPN.

PlatformDoes it work?
Netflix✅ Yes
Amazon Prime Video✅ Yes
Hulu✅ Yes
HBO Max✅ Yes
Disney+✅ Yes
BBC iPlayer✅ Yes
YouTube TV✅ Yes

Start streaming with NordVPN

NordVPN is an excellent option for Netflix. We managed to Instantly gain access to libraries in the UK, US, and 13 other countries. In contrast, it took longer for libraries in Japan to find a way around this issue. To illustrate, we attempted to access content from US Netflix while in Lithuania, and it was a seamless experience with minimal delays. Later, we tried accessing content from UK Netflix, and the outcome was just as successful as it was with the US version.

Furthermore, NordVPN proves to be reliable for streaming as it delivers outstanding speeds on various devices such as major operating systems and Smart TVs. Therefore, you can trust NordVPN to meet your expectations when using it in conjunction with Netflix.

Our comprehensive testing confirmed that NordVPN works effectively with various streaming platforms. Several streaming platforms, such as Hulu, Max, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, Apple TV, and YouTube TV, were tested. It was observed that locating a suitable server might require some experimentation, but the outcome proved to be highly rewarding. Both BBC iPlayer and Disney+ offered high-definition content with little buffering, and Apple TV and YouTube TV were also easily accessible.

During our testing, we found that NordVPN is compatible with a wide range of streaming boxes and devices. This means that you can easily access your favorite content on different platforms and screens. We have also provided in-depth guides for popular options such as. Amazon Fire Stick,  Kodi, and  Roku make it easier for users to set up NordVPN effortlessly.

Considering  NordVPN pricing, all of these high-quality features provide excellent value.

servers to choose from with this VPN, so you won't be disappointed. NordVPN servers You will have the opportunity to access the content available to users in the US, UK, Canada, and various other countries that typically offer the most extensive streaming libraries.

Let us examine how this VPN performs with each of these.

Unblocking Netflix with NordVPN

NordVPN is an If you want to watch Netflix, it is a great choice. website. NordVPN for Netflix guide.

Billions on Netflix Argentina

The amount of time it took for the library to load differed depending on the location. Despite occasionally needing to switch servers for access, NordVPN performed admirably. Based on our findings, NordVPN can unlock 21 different Netflix libraries, allowing users to stream content from around the world. This is an outstanding achievement.

Unblocking Hulu with NordVPN

NordVPN has effectively bypassed restrictions on Hulu. the loading times and video frame rates were problem-free, and overall, using it was smooth. NordVPN with Hulu was a very enjoyable experience.

NordVPN test with Hulu unblocked

The resolution consistently stayed at a sharp 1080p for the entire test, depending on the server you chose and your internet connection. In general, we were satisfied with what we observed.

Unblocking HBO Max with NordVPN

Netflix functioned properly when used alongside HBO Max. Choose from when it comes to VPN service. The speed was exceptionally fast and the overall user experience was nearly identical to not using a VPN at all. NordVPN ranks highly among the available choices for VPN services. watch HBO Max outside the US.

NordVPN test with HBO Max unblocked

The quality of the picture on NordVPN was slightly below that of Netflix or Hulu, but it was still adequate. Therefore, we consider NordVPN to be a highly suitable choice for HBO Max.

Can NordVPN provide access to BBC iPlayer, Disney+, Apple TV, or YouTube TV?

NordVPN also performed impressively in terms of unblocking various streaming platforms. However, it is important to note that finding the appropriate location or server may require some time and effort.

For instance,  BBC iPlayer worked perfectly to stream high-quality videos without any buffering or lag. Plus, the speed at which the content was loaded was impressive. watch BBC iPlayer in the USA Finding a server that can accommodate it proved to be a lengthy process for us.

Verification on BBC iPlayer

Disney+ had a comparable experience: it functions flawlessly, but it's not simply a matter of pressing a button and instantly watching. You may have to search for the appropriate choice.

We could successfully access both Apple TV and YouTube TV, and it seemed that unblocking YouTube TV was more straightforward with Firefox compared to other browsers.

Overall, The streaming experience with NordVPN is reliable.: we haven't found a video service that is completely satisfactory yet doesn’t work It is recommended to attempt connecting to multiple servers to increase the chance of success. If the connection fails with one server, there is still a possibility that it will work with another server or even a different location.

Does NordVPN work with streaming boxes?

You can install NordVPN on a diverse selection of streaming boxes and devices this is excellent news because, without a means to watch them, the streaming platform features would be pointless.

We have provided comprehensive guides and detailed instructions. on how to use  NordVPN on Amazon Fire Stick. There is also a separate guide for using this VPN for Kodi "If you happen to be a Roku user, we also have a guide available for you. Here are the instructions on how to utilize the Roku device." NordVPN on Roku.

access them without any restrictions. NordVPN has optimized servers specifically for streaming, which ensures a fast and uninterrupted streaming experience. Additionally, you can enjoy a wide range of streaming platforms while using NordVPN. watch them the way you want. 

Stream securely with NordVPN

Is NordVPN good and safe for torrenting?

perfect for it. It provides a secure and encrypted connection, ensuring your online activities are anonymous and protected. Additionally, NordVPN offers fast speeds and unlimited bandwidth, allowing for seamless torrenting. Overall, NordVPN is an ideal choice for those looking to torrent safely and efficiently. one of the top choices for downloading torrents among all the available VPN optionsAlthough not all of the product's servers support P2P downloads, there are dedicated servers globally that offer efficient and dependable performance.

NordVPN P2P specialty servers for torrenting

This can be an absolutely valuable resource in nations that have banned torrenting. , like Japan, Germany, or Italy.

You have the freedom to choose any server for torrenting purposes. However, if your P2P activity is detected on a server that does not support it, you will be automatically redirected to a server that does. Therefore, be aware of any sudden server changes, as it may indicate this switch.

You can read more about the guide includes information on how to use NordVPN for torrenting purposes, you can begin torrenting without any delay.

Start torrenting with NordVPN

How to download and install NordVPN

There are two methods for acquiring the NordVPN application on your device. You can either download it from an app store or directly from the website. official NordVPN website there is a reason for having two available options instead of just one. However, app stores are limited in some countries' accessibility. To acquire NordVPN, one must obtain it as it is the exclusive option available. APK file However, below you can observe a demonstration of how it is performed.

  1. Go to the   NordVPNaccess the app store (or the website if applicable), then proceed to select and click on the designated button. get NordVPN 
  2. Decide on the subscription option that suits you. You can give NordVPN a try without any risk thanks to their 30-day money-back guarantee.
  3. Fill in You only need to provide your email for the essential checkout details.
  4. Download the app provided by NordVPN for the devices you wish to employ it on
  5. Following the instructions,  install the app 

Download NordVPN

NordVPN account download page

available from various app stores. So, even if the Downloads page is not necessary for you, you can still easily access the NordVPN apps through app stores that are not limited by geographical restrictions. You can find this app on various platforms, including Google Play, the Apple App Store, and other app stores for mobile, desktop, and streaming devices.

NordVPN features

Since its initial release in 2012, NordVPN has been significantly improving and expanding its services by continuously launching new updates. As a result, it now provides a wide range of features that guarantee comprehensive and adaptable protection.

πŸ’Ώ  VPN server network: 6000+ servers in 61 countries
πŸ›‘️  Tunneling protocols: NordLynx, IKEv2/IPSec, OpenVPN
πŸ‘️  Data collection policy: Independently audited no-logs policy
πŸ”’  Online protection: Prevents malware, trackers, harmful websites, and advertisements from causing harm.
πŸ’»  Maximum account connections: 6
✉️  Customer support: 24/7 live chat, email, support center
πŸ’°  Money-back guarantee: 30 days
πŸ†“  Free trial: 7 days for Android
⚙️  IP addresses: Shared and dedicated
πŸ’‘  Advanced features: Security measures, Meshnet, Incogni, monitoring the dark web, SmartPlay, predefined settings

What is the number of servers that NordVPN possesses?

NordVPN, a global VPN service provider, boasts a vast network of servers. They currently have a fleet of more than 6000 servers distributed across  61 countries In comparison to 2018, NordVPN has experienced a significant surge in their number of servers. Initially having approximately 3,300 servers, they now boast a much larger quantity. In terms of geographical reach, Europe, Asia, and the Americas provide the most extensive coverage for their services.

regarding the servers, they primarily operate using RAM. Consequently, whenever a reboot occurs, all your data is immediately wiped out. In general, NordVPN servers provide exceptional coverage globally - there is nothing to be dissatisfied with.

What is the maximum number of devices that can be connected with NordVPN?

With NordVPN, you can connect up to  6 devices simultaneously You can safeguard all your electronic devices, including laptops, desktops, phones, tablets, and more, using just one NordVPN account. Nevertheless, this feature is quite restrictive compared to other industry frontrunners such as Surfshark or AtlasVPN, which offer unlimited simultaneous connections.

If you possess more than 6 devices, you can still utilize NordVPN by configuring your router to connect with the VPN. By doing this, all devices connected to your network will be safeguarded using only one device slot.

Which security features does NordVPN provide?

NordVPN provides a range of security features aside from its main encryption for the VPN, like Threat Protection, a kill switch, obfuscated servers, and others. These features are designed to safeguard users from malware, phishing attacks, and various online dangers.

Colocated servers

A lot of VPN providers simply lease the servers they provide to customers. This typically involves installing specialized software to oversee them, but ultimately the data center's owner retains some level of control. However, this arrangement can have negative consequences.

alternate configuration with access only through encrypted tunnels. This action was in response to ensuring enhanced security measures and safeguarding user data. A network that is owned, operated, and supervised significantly decreases the likelihood of an external data breach.

NordVPN, unlike other providers, exclusively stores data in RAM on their servers. This implies that when a server restarts, all data is erased since there are no disk drives to retain permanent information. This sets NordVPN apart when compared to other providers who offer a similar service.

 Provider  Servers 

Kill switch

An effective kill switch Using a VPN can have a significant impact. For instance, let's say you want to stay incognito, but if your connection to the VPN server suddenly fails, you might unknowingly reveal your location and IP address.

For this reason, NordVPN has a  system-wide kill switch and an app kill switch.

NordVPN kill switch feature on Windows

If the client detects that you are not connected to a VPN, the Internet Kill Switch will deactivate all Internet access.

The App Kill Switch only impacts one particular application. Just picture yourself using that app. VPN for torrenting and desire to ensure that none of the peer-to-peer (P2P) traffic passes through your internet service provider (ISP). Enabling the application kill switch on the Β΅Torrent client would automatically shut down the application to avoid any leakage of data.

present. automatically activated and integrated into the programThere won't be a visible icon, but the VPN will terminate your connection if the VPN connection is lost. For Windows and macOS (via the sideload app), you have the option to set up the kill switch for specific applications. However, for Linux and Android, only a system-wide kill switch can be activated.

sense of familiarity and ease when navigating through their different features because of their cohesive design. It could be beneficial, however, if they made their feature handling consistent across all aspects of their platform. Nevertheless, as a user, you still feel comfortable and find it effortless to use their various features due to their unified design. a kill switch that can be used across all platforms for the entire system's functionality certain cases, you have the option to customize it according to individual applications. This is particularly impressive given that platforms such as iOS usually do not offer such capabilities. This accomplishment demonstrates a remarkable level of technical expertise.

Cybernews Pro tip 

It can be risky if your VPN connection gets disconnected, especially if you are engaged in sensitive activities. It is advisable to ensure that your kill switch is active while using NordVPN.

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Threat Protection

NordVPN ensures enhanced device security through a feature known as Threat Protection, which effectively prevents various potential dangers by actively blocking them.

  • Malicious websites. Your device will be safeguarded against unintentionally browsing a malicious website that could potentially infect it with harmful software.
  • Online ads. Fed up with being bombarded by numerous advertisements every time you browse through your preferred websites? Fear no more, as Threat Protection will effectively eradicate this issue for you.
  • Trackers. Websites can gather various details about individuals, such as their IP addresses and browsing patterns, through trackers. Thankfully, NordVPN prevents websites from obtaining such data.
  • Dangerous files. Threat Protection conducts scans for malware and viruses on executable files that you download, similar to how an antivirus tool operates.

Currently, the feature works on all NordVPN applications On top of that, the option to use it as a separate application is available for Android and iOS devices. Additionally, you can activate it on various web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari. It is important to note that the browser version does not perform scans for malware and viruses.

becomes easily accessible and hassle-free.operates continuously behind the scenes- Activation of it does not require connecting to a VPN server. Nevertheless, if you are using the Lite version, enabling the VPN is also necessary.

Dark Web Monitor

This spooky-sounding feature alerts you about the vulnerabilities of your personal data and scans the hidden online marketplaces to find any information linked to your email address. If it is discovered, the services you have used have likely been compromised by hackers.

states that using the same password across multiple platforms can make you vulnerable to hackers, as they can easily access your accounts on various platforms.alerts you if your email is discovered on a black market on the internet.

iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS users all have access to this feature.


connection to the internet. You can browse the internet anonymously and access blocked websites. Meshnet also prevents your internet service provider from tracking your online activity. the link between your own or your friends' devices, also referred to as a peer-to-peer connection.

sharing information. This allows you to access files that are not locally stored on your device, making it easier to collaborate with others and access necessary documents whenever and wherever you may need them. development workshops or online gaming sessions.

However, the goal is not just to access files remotely, as there are also no restrictions on file sharing. This means you can share up to 1000 files simultaneously and there are no limitations on the size of the files.

Meshnet also allows for traffic to be routed through various devices, enabling internet browsing using the IP address of another machine. For example, if you are located in a different country, you can connect to your home device and utilize your usual IP address.

This functionality allows you to connect a total of 60 devices, including 10 of your own and an additional 50 devices that you can invite to join.

In conclusion, anyone with a Nord account can access Meshnet without any cost.

Other security features

In addition to its security features, NordVPN provides additional features including:

  • SmartPlay This function enables you to easily access and enjoy media content without any restrictions, regardless of your location. It is activated automatically when you use NordVPN and attempt to visit streaming platforms such as Netflix.
  • Specialty servers - If you have a specific use case in mind, such as streaming or torrenting, you can utilize specialized servers like obfuscated ones, Onion over VPN, and other types through a VPN service.
  • Dedicated IP servers - If you're not too worried about staying anonymous, you can buy a VPN from NordVPN's official website. By using it, your IP address will always stay the same and exclusive to you.
  • Double VPN servers These servers, also known as multi-hop servers, ensure the utmost privacy for your data by directing it through two of their servers before reaching your desired destination.
  • Obfuscated servers- These servers are advantageous when dealing with severe censorship situations as they encrypt your VPN traffic to appear as normal HTTPS traffic.
  • P2P servers – specifically designed for efficiently handling P2P traffic and most effective for downloading files using torrents. Nevertheless, they work well for any form of P2P traffic.
  • Onion over VPN  servers These servers use both the Tor network and VPN to establish a connection called VPN-Tor. Your online activity is first routed through the VPN server and then passes through a minimum of three Tor nodes.
  • Split tunneling  – NordVPN split tunneling This feature allows you to select the apps that you want to use the VPN connection for while allowing other apps to connect without it.
  • Pausing and auto-connect Using the VPN auto-connect feature is convenient as it eliminates the need for extensive clicking when you wish to connect your device to the internet. However, it also means you are consistently connected to a VPN. In situations where you need to access an application that requires you to disable the VPN, you will have to deactivate the feature.
  • Presets – an unlimited customizable feature. You can design your own VPN preferences, which can be easily accessed from the main screen of the application.
  • Incogni offered by Nord Security, is an extra privacy safeguard. It specifically focuses on shielding users' information, including their complete name, phone number, email address, location, and other details, from being gathered and retained by different services. Incogni carries out this by eradicating all data from the databases of data brokers as per the user's instructions.

Interface and ease of use

          Platform  Experience  Setup 
WindowsBy far the best NordVPN experienceVery easy installation and setup
macOSTwo app versions with different featuresVery easy installation and setup
LinuxThe software is open source, does not have a graphical interface, and can be operated through the command line.Advanced installation and setup
AndroidSolid Android appVery easy installation and setup
iOSGood overall iOS experienceVery easy installation and setup
BrowserGood options for Firefox and ChromeEasy installation and effortless setup
RouterWorks on routers that support OpenVPNDifficult installation, advanced setup

NordVPN offers a range of clients and options for manual configuration. You have the option to install it on your router (if it is compatible with IKEv2 and OpenVPN protocols) or use the dedicated applications provided for your desktop and mobile devices.

The NordVPN apps vary depending on the device you're using. The Windows version is the most robust, but the options for macOS, Linux, mobile devices, and browser extensions are also noteworthy. Now, let's examine each of these solutions.


The Windows version of NordVPN is the most feature-rich. It offers two different types of features and more. split tunneling and two types of a  kill switch (for particular applications and complete internet connectivity), as well as invisibility on LAN auto-connect, and pause characteristics. Therefore, it is not unexpected to see NordVPN leading our rankings for the best VPN for Windows.

NordVPN Windows interface app

The only available tunneling protocols NordLynx and OpenVPN (UDP/TCP) are the available options for clients. If you require IKEv2, manual configuration is necessary, but given the slow speeds, it is not worth the effort.

Besides, you will have a user-friendly map interface that allows you to easily choose the desired connection country. Alternatively, you can utilize the country list located in the sidebar. By hovering your mouse over a country and clicking the three dots that appear, you can either select a specific server or connect to the fastest available one matter which method is more convenient for you, NordVPN has you covered.


NordVPN's approach to macOS deviates from the norm, primarily due to Apple's strict policies. Because Apple thoroughly reviews app updates before allowing them on their App Store, the process often becomes lengthier.

So, in turn, There are two macOS applications available for NordVPN. , which are quite different. One is available from the App Store. The other can be downloaded from the official The second option is often referred to as the sideload version and typically has newer updates, but it only includes OpenVPN tunneling protocols. Additionally, The kill switch feature in macOS is designed to function exclusively for certain applications. However, it does not offer the option to configure the settings to automatically disconnect the entire internet connection if the VPN connection is disrupted. Additionally, it is compatible with previous versions of macOS.

nordvpn mac interface new 2023

The app store version of the VPN supports OpenVPN and NordLynx tunneling protocols. Additionally, the kill switch feature is automatically activated, but you have the option to deactivate it in the VPN's Settings. However, both versions include support for the latest Presets feature.

list of recommended VPNs. While it may be confusing to have two Mac versions available, this decision brings added advantages for users. This is particularly beneficial because the interface of Windows, sideload macOS, and App Store apps are very similar. In conclusion, NordVPN should definitely be considered a top choice for VPN services. best VPN for Mac list.


NordVPN is compatible with Linux operating systems, and you can obtain Debian and RPM packages from their official website. This means it can be used on Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Fedora, and various other distributions. Additionally, there is an Arch Linux port created by the community which provides instructions for manual connections as well as OpenVPN and IKEv2 connections. All in all, NordVPN is a highly commendable option for Linux users. VPN for Linux.

If you use Linux, you will not receive a visual interface for applications. You will need to manually configure all aspects of your system. command line terminal In comparison to Windows or macOS users, the experience appears inadequate. Having a basic graphic interface would be a beneficial inclusion, as it would reduce the need to frequently visit their website for server switching.

Linux command line NordVPN interface

But what truly sets NordVPN apart is the revolutionary aspect it brings to the table. Linux app is open source This implies that you have the freedom to implement your own code to enhance the app and bring your ideas to life. This gesture from NordVPN is highly admirable and exemplifies the company's commitment to trustworthiness and openness.

functions smoothly. includes DNS leak protection. Even The default protocol for tunneling is configured to NordLynx., therefore there is no need for additional effort to achieve optimal connection speeds.

Although the app's response to commands was sluggish, such issues are uncommon and are promptly addressed by the NordVPN developers' team.


NordVPN provides Android users with an uncomplicated and neat interface. You can choose the server by using a combination of a map and a list of countries, and the settings and notifications can be accessed by clicking on icons located in the screen's corner. Kill switch and  Dark Web monitoring Two options are accessible for verifying if your information has been exposed.


NordVPN Android app features include split tunneling, a customizable feature that allows for selecting specific applications or websites to bypass the VPN connection, a switch that can be configured to automatically terminate the internet connection if the VPN connection drops, the ability to temporarily suspend the VPN connection, and the capability to automatically establish a VPN connection. In terms of tunneling protocols, Android users have the option to use OpenVPN (TCP/UDP) and NordLynx. They can also access double VPN capabilities on their Android devices through OpenVPN and NordLynx.

few VPN providers have achieved this level of certification. This achievement demonstrates their commitment to ensuring the utmost security for their users. best VPNs for Android.


Visually, the iOS version of NordVPN's app has a striking resemblance to the Android version. The blend of a map and country list is nearly identical, as are the icons located at the bottom of the display. Kill switch and  Dark Web monitoring The characteristics are almost identical.

The difference is in the details: for example, iOS has a  Favorites tab just below  Recent Connections However, the service does not provide the option for split tunneling or a customizable kill switch.


One area where iOS stands out is in terms of protocols. iOS users have the option to select from a variety of protocols. The protocols used for OpenVPN (TCP/UDP) and NordLynx are available. Double VPN is also compatible with these protocols. most impressive iOS apps available, considering the limitations imposed by Apple's guidelines. The developers have managed to incorporate numerous features and functionalities into NordVPN clients, showcasing their strategic thinking in providing value to users. Despite the obstacles posed by iOS policies, this app stands out as a testament to their ingenuity. best VPNs for iOS out there. 

Browser Extensions

The service also has  Firefox and Chrome browser extensions for individuals who favor a less resource-intensive option. In different scenarios, this could serve as a temporary solution for individuals operating on outdated systems lacking their own applications. It is far simpler for users on macOS 9 or Windows XP to install a browser extension rather than configuring a manual connection. Nonetheless, bear in mind that...An extension solely offers protection for internet activity carried out through a browser.

NordVPN browser extensions

You can block WebRTC a protocol that utilizes JavaScript, which is susceptible and likely to expose IP addresses. Threat Protection Lite Additionally, by connecting to any NordVPN server, you can encrypt your browser connection, providing enhanced protection against phishing and malware threats.

The most recent feature is  Bypass List The paragraph explains a feature that enables users to exclude certain websites from the proxy connection. This feature works similarly to split tunneling but specifically for websites. Windows users, in particular, have an enhanced level of control over their traffic by using the Bypass List. Meanwhile, macOS users can use this workaround as a substitute for the absence of split tunneling in the apps.

NordVPN on router

maintain a nonstop VPN connection for an unlimited number of devices through NordVPN on a router. Additionally, it provides an effortless solution for you to achieve this. Utilize a VPN connection on devices that do not have built-in support for if you own a gaming console and you want to stream Netflix globally, this is the most straightforward method.

This VPN can be used with routers that have either the OpenVPN client or NordLynx integrated. The installation process may vary slightly depending on the brand of your device. NordVPN provides simple installation instructions for your convenience. Asus, D-Link, Linksys, and Netgear are all different brands of routers. You can check out our guide on how to install NordVPN on a router To check if your device is compatible and discover how to obtain VPN security for all your online connections.

NordVPN video review

If you're looking for a more enjoyable summary, you may find our video review appealing. It includes all the details from our written review, accompanied by a soothing voice as an added bonus.

Customer support

NordVPN has a  variety of support options The premium service provides excellent features, including a support webpage that offers an extensive range of resources such as guides, FAQs, and detailed tutorials to address various queries.

 24/7 live chat 
 Phone line 
 Guides or articles 

NordVPN offers a Chatbot to assist with common problems, but their standout features are their 24/7 live chat and email support. With the live chat, you can receive immediate assistance, while the email option provides a reliable means of communication. In just a few minutes, you will receive a response. The customer service representatives I was assigned were both supportive and well-informed. If your problem cannot be resolved through chat, they will reach out to you through email. Nonetheless, they still managed to respond within a short period, which is excellent.

In general, NordVPN provides excellent customer support. You have the option to get in touch with their support agents through live chat, even if you haven't registered. The outstanding features of this VPN service include its easy accessibility and the high standard of assistance it offers.

Is NordVPN worth getting?

All things considered, When comparing NordVPN with other VPN competitors available in the market, it is definitely worth buying. This paragraph emphasizes that NordVPN is an outstanding VPN service that excels in performance, features, and security. With an independent audit, strong AES-256 encryption, and the innovative NordLynx protocol, it is at the forefront of the industry. Moreover, it not only allows streaming Netflix but also offers reliable internet access in countries with strict online restrictions. When compared to its competitors, NordVPN undoubtedly showcases its exceptional value.

You are getting a great deal of value Concerning VPN capabilities, the most advanced clients are available for Windows and Android users. However, Apple users can also enjoy several valuable features. Regardless of the platform you are using, your device will not be excluded or disadvantaged.

We wholeheartedly recommend this  VPN service Regardless of the reason you require a VPN, you can confidently rely on NordVPN to provide it.

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How we tested NordVPN

group of Cybernews experts in our team carried comprehensive assessment was conducted on NordVPN to gauge its effectiveness and level of protection. The evaluation of NordVPN involved testing its speed on servers located in various global regions. Furthermore, we performed practical trials to gauge the effectiveness of its security measures, including encryption protocols, a kill switch, and DNS leak tests to ensure that users' IP addresses remained secure. Additionally, we examined the functionality, features, and performance of NordVPN's applications for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.

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Is NordVPN trustworthy?

Currently, NordVPN is a premium VPN service provider that guarantees safety, and data privacy is guaranteed with them due to their business location, no logs policy, and infrastructure. They have undergone two public audits and possess most certifications.

How many devices can I use with NordVPN?

all of your devices. This means that you don't have to create different accounts for each device you own. 6 devices at a time If you install NordVPN on your router, you can utilize it on as many devices as the router can accommodate.

Can NordVPN be traced?

All of your activities using NordVPN remain concealed.  Your traffic gets encrypted, and no individual has the authority to disclose your identity or online activities. Additionally, the service ensures the protection of your privacy by refraining from gathering any user information.

Can I cancel NordVPN anytime?

You have the option to terminate your account or ongoing subscription.  at any time from the main NordAccount screen. 

Is NordVPN faster than ExpressVPN?

Based on our performance tests, NordVPN has proven to be faster than ExpressVPN.In a study conducted in five different countries, NordVPN was able to maintain an average of 90% of its original connection speed, while ExpressVPN was able to retain 77%.

Does NordVPN work with Netflix?

NordVPN does work with Netflix The tool allows you to unlock extra libraries with exclusive movies and TV shows. In total, you have the option to access 15 different Netflix libraries. Furthermore, you can set up SmartDNS to unblock them without having to install VPN software.

Does NordVPN offer the SOCKS5 proxy?

 Yes The SOCKS5 proxy is provided as part of your NordVPN subscription. If you already have the VPN, you can also easily connect to the proxy. This feature is particularly beneficial when using torrenting clients.

What are NordVPN P2P servers?

NordVPN P2P servers can be used for torrenting and sharing files using P2P technology pick a server from the given selection and enjoy the protection of an encrypted connection.

How much does NordVPN cost?

 NordVPN's monthly price is   $3.39/month The most cost-effective option is to choose the 2-year plan for NordVPN. If you prefer a shorter commitment, you can also opt for the 1-year plan at $4.99 per month or just pay for one month at $12.99.

Does NordVPN work in China?

  Yes,  NordVPN does work in China. Nevertheless, when it comes to most operating systems, you will need to manually configure the setup. Consequently, if you are traveling to that location, you will not be able to utilize their convenient clients. The setup primarily involves the installation of NordVPN configuration files. Here is our comprehensive guide on the matter. how to configure NordVPN for use in China.